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About Us

Rica’s Tacos is a Mexi-Asian fusion taco shop. We specialize in Tacos, Burritos, Bowls, and Quesadillas while also offering a delicious assortment of sides and desserts. All of our menu items have been created by mixing Asian and Mexican cuisine and bring together the best of cultures we combine.We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and ability to provide the best dishes we can.


Freshness In
Every Bite

All of our items are made of the highest quality ingredients, and our specialty corn tortillas are all made by hand each and every day.  We also offer plant-based protein and tasteful vegan options

Mexi-Asian Fusion Taco

Our fusion of Asian and Mexican ingredients is sure to pleasantly surprise even the most die-hard authentic food fans. ​

With an array of dishes ranging from carefully made authentic tacos to out-of-the-box, shock your taste budswe will be sure that you do not leave Rica’s Tacos hungry.


Our Mission

At Rica’s Tacos, our mission is to deliver an unforgettable dining experience that brings together the cultures of Asian and Mexican cuisine. We deeply believe that food has the power to bring people together. We are committed to serving East Harlem with the freshest, tastiest, and highest-quality ingredients possible as well as fostering the true sense of community we have all come to enjoy in our vibrant neighborhood. 


Your Time is Precious, and we know that!

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